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Last update 5/16/2019

About the Air Tour

Each year, the MAA presents the Michigan Air Tour, a weekend long celebration of flying around the State of Michigan. Since the first Michigan Air Tour in 1929, each MAT explores different Michigan airports, focusing attention on our State's aviation infrastructure and the economic importance of aviation to our State and our communities.

Ceremonies are held at each tour stop, at which time a plaque is presented to local governmental officials thanking them for establishing an aerial gateway to their communities. The public is invited attend to view the visiting aircraft, meet the pilots and aircrews, and learn about general aviation first hand.

Aviation safety is emphasized throughout the Michigan Air Tour. The airports selected for the Tour have paved runways of adequate length for most light planes, and fuel is available along the route. Each tour day's flying begins with a detailed preflight pilot briefing, covering the details of the airports along the route, the weather and other pertinent safety related information.

Join us as pilots from all over gather to enjoy the fun and fellowship of flying. You'll meet new friends and have great fun flying. Best of all, you'll see the length and breadth of the beautiful State of Michigan from the best vantage point, the air.

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