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December 6, 2019 - Gerry Bryce, Ch #13 VMC Coord

Chapter 13 VMC Club Meeting

This December Gerry will facilitate another VMC/ IMC seminar on VFR/IFR flying in weather. You will recall that the two acronyms stand for Visual Meteorological Conditions and Instrument Meteorological Conditions, terms with which we are well familiar.

The concept of the clubs is for IFR and VFR pilots to view and discuss flying scenarios and compare ideas on how individuals would/should respond to those scenarios. It all began as an IMC club outside of EAA, but became very popular nationally and was ultimately adopted by EAA as a very worthy way to improve pilot proficiency through the community that is EAA and its chapters. Because Chapter #13 is populated by primarily VFR pilots we will start with a VMC Club and, at least at the outset, the VMC club will be conducted at the monthly Chapter gatherings in lieu of a speaker for any given month. You are all VMC Club members!

The name of the game is audience participation! All the videos present real life scenarios that have been reported through the years so these are not just hypotheticals.

EAA requires we have at least one CFI present at meetings to serve as the professional voice of reason, we are fortunate to have three very qualified and talented CFI’s in attendance. I am pleased to serve as facilitator, but it is you, the membership at large, that will serve as subject matter experts, with the help of the CFI’s!

Please come to the December meeting and participate freely.


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Mark your Calendars! The Annual Meeting of EAA Chapter 13 will be on December 6th.

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In the EAA Chapter #13 Hangar Ray Community Airport

Dinner and raffle tickets are still available.

See Dave Nellis for Banquet Tickets davidnellis57@gmail.com or call 586.322.6131

Socializing begins at 6:30

Dinner Starts at 7:15 pm

Bring your Spouse or Significant Other

Bring a Dessert or Appetizer to Share

Tickets are Still Only $25.00

Dress is Casual

Wear Warm Shoes, the Floor is Cold

If You Have “Quality Door Prize” Items Please Bring Them to Donate

See Mark Fullmer for Raffle tickets. The cost of tickets remains $5.00 for one ticket and $20.00 for five.

This year's fabulous raffle top prize from Lauri McDaniels: "This year's stained glass artwork is an original design that I created for our Chapter raffle. It measures 24-5/8" high and 16-5/8" wide. I particularly like the graceful curves and the iridzed glass. Included in this project are several pieces that I constructed, layered and melted. This is accomplished by cutting and stacking pieces together (as seen in the blue flower/grape item at the bottom) and using ground and cut glass pieces (for the ivy at the top and the flower centers) then firing them in a kiln." Lauri















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