Ray Community Airport in Hangar #304B.

First Thursday of the month from 7:30 to 10 pm.

BBQ dinner before meeting at 6 pm

Indian Trail between 27 Mile and 28 Mile Rd. in Ray Township.


October 5 - Steven Oliver & Andy Hill, SANG

The last time we received any information on SANG activities was June of 2015. At that time we were visited by Dave Holmberg and Andrew Hill, controllers and training officers at the base.

Recently Pete Dugdale contacted Steven Oliver, the SANG Air Traffic Manager, to see if we could get an update briefing. Following is his response:

Hi Peter,

We'd be happy to be there on Thursday Oct 5th with an updated airspace presentation. It will be Andy Hill, the Chief of ATC Training, and myself.



Due to its proximity to our base of operations, it is important for us to get a feel for what is going on there, and what they are planning in the near future.

So, join us at the October regular meeting to greet Steve and Andy and get the real scoop.


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