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November 7

Patrick Mihelak

Last month in the newsletter, we ran an up-date on the recovery project undertaken by Patrick Mihe-lak and Todd Trainer ofBrighton, MI and their efforts to save a B-25 Mitchell from a sandbar in Alaska (hence the name Sandbar Mitchell). They were successful in their enterprise and brought the plane home to their Warbirds of Glory Museum.

Pat was a speaker at Chapter #13 a while ago and he agreed to return and fill us in on their latest venture. Pat, clearly a young man with a mission and the energy to bring it about, shared the story of how much they have accomplished thus far, the project’s current status and where they go from here. Clearly, extracting a bomber from the Alaskan bush required a great deal of planning, paper- work and physical effort.

October 3

Phil Seizinger discussed the 2013 Michigan Air Tour

Phil Seizinger Aviation Training works in partnership with several training facilities based at the Oakland County International Airport (PTK) in Waterford. The airport is located on the corner of High- land Road (M-59) and Airport Road.

In addition to this, their Ground Schools are conducted on-line allowing you to participate and interact from virtually anywhere.

September 5

Ben & Jim Clary brought the original and prints of "Unsung Hero" Ben's recently completed P-38D, the pieces of which were discovered last November 9, 2012. The collector print of this work includes a small shard of aluminum retrieved from that wreck site.

They will also brought prints of Ben’s other works displayed on his web site:


They related how they discovered the wreck data and eventually pinpointed the location of that P-38D flown by 2nd Lt. Alfred Voss, Jr.

They also brought pieces of the wreckage that they retrieved.

July & August, 2013

No speakers.

June 6, 2013

Jim & Pat Stayer

For 38 years Jim & Pat Stayer have been diving in the Great Lakes and around the world. Pat is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and Jim has been a U.S.C.G Licensed Captain for 28 years. They have co-authored three books and pro- duced 26 DVDs. The Stayers have discovered eight shipwrecks and documented numerous others. They have worked as cameramen for the History Channel and their footage has appeared on several major commercial networks. Jim and Pat have been popular presenters at dive shows across North America from Boston to Los Angeles, and Edmonton to Cabo San Lucas. They are retired teachers and now travel around the world making promotional DVDs for dive resorts and live aboard dive boats.

May 2

Bob Mahieu & Tom Vukonich - New Mexico Air Tour

Bob & Tom's Excellent Adventureon the New Mexico Air Tour. More than 60 hours of flying. They discussed the trip and their rxperiences and show pictures of their adventure.

April 4

The HIstory of the B-17, David Tarrant

David Tarrant is a pilot with a fascination with the B-17 aircraft. Since 2005, he has been researching post WWII B-17 usage. Due to their many fine basic characteristics, the left-over B-17's became "maids of all work" from 1945-onward.· They photo-mapped much of the world, provided search-and-rescue functions, pioneered AWACs, transported men and material, flew unmanned into mushroom clouds, served as aerial targets, developed blind flying and landing aids, snooped on Russian radars, served as test mules for new engines and weapons, and - after their retirement from various military forces - went on to a distinguished career in the civilian sector. Documenting this story has proven to be a fascinating exercise in original research.· Mr. Tarrant has learned a great deal that is either missing, incorrect, or under-reported·in the various books on B-17 history. He brought his many rare photos of the B-17.

March 7, 2013

Mort Crim Film

"Mort Crim on the adventure of a life- time......a 7,400 mile solo flight to celebrate his 74th birthday. The program is a television documentary about a nationally known broadcaster and pilot who checked off a "bucket list" item by living his dream. Ride along in the cockpit with Mort as he flies coast to coast in an LSA, camping in a tent along the way”.

Crim is a two-time cancer survivor who refused to let age or health "ground" his bucket list flight.

February 7, 2013

Dan Heaton (author of "Forgotten Aviator") 

Faced with the challenge of creating an Air Force essentially from scratch, with the nation already in a declared war--U.S. Army leaders were in a scramble. It was the spring of 1917 and the entire U.S. Army had only about 100,000 active-duty soldiers, compared to about 4 million then in uniform for Germany, the largest of the World War I Central Powers. Quality military leaders and men who could teach combat skills to the thousands then being inducted were in high demand. It would be against this backdrop that Lt. Byron Quinby Jones--a stunt pilot who had been kicked out of West Point--who would make his mark. He would go on to wear his nation’s uniform for more than 30 years.

Now mostly forgotten by history, Jones helped to create one of the nation’s first and most-prolific training sites for budding military airmen, setting up shop at a muddy airfield created by an early automobile magnate near Detroit: Selfridge Field. In addition to his skills as a stunt pilot--he was the first U.S. pilot to deliberately fly a loop and live to tell about it--Jones was the pilot of the first American aircraft to ever come under enemy fire.

January 3, 2013


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