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Last update 11/25/2019

December 4, 2014 -

There was no formal speaker for the meeting, thus the December meeting was a short one. Instead we was a brief business meeting to take care of the operational essentials.

November 6, 2014 -

Our November speaker was Lori Bradner, a highly decorated STEM subjects teacher. Lori has taught with the NASA WISH Program, attended NASA’s Space Camp for Educators and was named the NASA Right Stuff Award winner. Lori coordinated and facilitated the first Space Camp for Educators in Polk County, FL. Currently, in addition to teaching the 5th- 6th grade ACCEL Program in Polk County, she serves as President/CEO of Inspiring Educational SYSTEMs, Inc. specializing in STEM education teaching, training, and professional development programs nationally and internationally.

Last summer she taught aviation ground school subjects to high school kids at the Trinidad-Tobago Civil Aviation Authority with EAA member Mark Fullmer. Their presentation was about their adventures in Trinidad.

October 2, 2014

Every so often we check in on Jim McDaniel to see how he is doing on his project, the ever so complex Sea Fire (Trojan). It’s now been a year since we’ve had an update. At that time he was building the engine mount system and the engine cowling.

September 4, 2014

Darrell Rohrbeck was with us at the September Regular meeting to discuss the construction of the SPAD replica recently constructed for the Selfridge Air Museum. Here is a little background garnered from the internet.

The full-scale, historically accurate, replica of the French built SPAD on display was constructed over a three year period by Selfridge Mili- tary Air Museum volunteers. The airplane was flown by 15 of the 16 American Expeditionary Forces in World War I and was the personal favorite of Eddie Rickenbacker, America's leading ace of World War I. The SPAD XIII, flown at Selfridge Field by the 17th Squadron in 1919 and from 1922 thru 1925, was one of the first airplanes capable of firing its twin mechanically-timed guns through the propeller.

July 3, 2014 -

Ren Sagaert and Chuck Valade

At the July meeting we greeted two of our own members for a casual presentation about their own aircraft. Ren gave us an up- date on his experience with the Swift that he recently acquired.

Chuck completed the construction of a Zenith Zodiac 601xlb, while he was in Tucson, AZ this past winter (featured in last month’s Dope Sheet). He reported on that project.

June 5, 2014 -

Kirk Kleinholz, Glass Panel Avionics

Kirk Kleinholz joined Dynon in 2009 to help with their marketing efforts as Sales Account Manager. Since then Kirk has worked to provide a more personal contact with the company by attending many of the smaller, more regional fly-ins and events than in the past. Kirk is a Private Pilot, CFII and Commercial. He loves Maules, and isn't at all bashful about asking you for a ride in your airplane.

Earlier in the day Kirk held two classes on the Dynon Systems. His presentation at our regular meeting spoke to glass panel technology in general, as opposed to the steam gage equipment that most of us are currently using. You can refer to the June Newsletter for further details.

May 1, 2014

Dick Green and John Kean

Each year, the Michigan Aviation Association (MAA) presents the Michigan Air Tour (MAT), a week end long celebration of flying around the State of Michigan. Since the first one in 1929, each MAT explores different Michigan airports, focusing attention on our State's aviation infrastructure and the economic importance of aviation to our State and our communities. This year the event runs from September 19th thru the 21st. Pilots from all over gather to enjoy the fun and fellowship of flying. It’s an adventure that has spawned similar programs in other states and the provinces of Canada.

Dick Green and his wife Carol were chosen to coordinate the 2014 event. Dick was here to give you the details of this year’s program and how to sign up.

April 3, 2014

Bob Hunt and Bob Mahieu

A few years back Bob Hunt and Bob Mahieu made a trip to England to visit some of the aircraft centers there. Apparently they were never asked to share, with Chapter members, what they observed at that time. Since the issue came up recently, we thought ‘better late than never’.

Both gentlemen readily agreed to pull together some of the photos they took of the trip and share them with us at the regular April meeting.

We relived their trip to such noteworthy venues as the Duxford Museum, the Shuttleworth Collection, the Royal Air Force Museum (RAF Hendon) and a variety of other locations.

March 6, 2014 -

Last fall, our own John Kean took a cross country trip from Ray in his RV12 to Van's Aircraft in Oregon. John left on August 14th and returned on the 21st. He flew across country to attend Van’s Homecoming held on August 16-18, hosted by EAA Chapter 292 and Van's Aircraft at the Independence State Airport (7S5) Independence, Oregon.

At the 2013 Independence Fly-In and Van’s Homecoming he joined more than 65 pilots and their accompanying passengers from a number of California cities and from several other states such as Reno NV, Salome AZ, Olympia WA, Port Moody BC., and Grosse Pointe Woods MI. (That’ me).

He flew 3,553 miles in 39.2 hours, averaged 21.3 miles per gallon, and burned 166 gallons of fuel.

We heard more about his experiences flying over the mountains and across America at the presentation.

February 6, 2014

Major Bethany Torma and Captain Jason Forbes

Bethany Torma and Jason Forbes were on their own trajectories when they collided with each other and then with the military. They shared a brief story of who they are, where they have been, and how they got where they are today. The skies have always called to both Jason and Bethany, but the road to wings was not an easy one. They shared some of the stories about the roadblocks that they had to overcome in order to, "slip the surly bonds of Earth and dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings....” - John Gillespie Magee, Jr. - High Flight.


January 2, 2014

Terry Lutz, Experimental Test Pilot

Flight Testing the A380 in Toulouse, France

  • • The Test Team
  • • The Test Area
  • • Vmu – Velocity for minimum unstick
  • • Stalls
  • • Icing
  • • Water spray ingestion
  • • Maximum Energy Rejected TakeOff
  • • Brake To Vacate/Runway Overrun Warning/Runway Overrun Protection
  • • The Atlanta Project – Taking the A380 to AirVenture
  • • Trent XWB Engine on A380 as Flying Test Bed

Captain Lutz has more than 15,400 flight hours in 154 different aircraft. He is a Fellow in the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, a member of the Society of Flight Test Engineers, and was inducted into the Academie of Air and Space in France.